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  • Sticky Fingers sent us this appropriate tip for getting your rig in shape after the winter: "I discovered a trick to cleaning the corrosion off the trailer light connections . The truck connections with the female connector is so likely to get corroded after a long winter of salt and spray. I found the battery cable cleaner that you spray on worked slick. I suppose if your in a pinch Arm and Hammer baking soda would work well too."
  • Keep a small tube of SuperGlue in your tackle box. Not only is it good for fastening plastics to jigs, it's an excellent and fast waterproof first-aid remedy for small cuts and hook pokes in hands and fingers. Just dab a little on the cut, let it dry and you're back in business. This tip provided by Greenstick, who apparently has some experience with injuries...
  • Helen provided this photo and tip, based on his experiences this past winter with a 4-wheeler. "It's a good idea to check and retighten the bolts on your equipment once in a while," he says...



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