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Powerpoint Presentations


From the Photo Committee...

Here are some (hopefully) helpful mini-clinics in shooting video -- we'll have more over time, but these may help you get thinking about common and easy-to-do techniques for improving your own home videos. We've used a few fishing commercials and one of the segments from the 2008 Waterdogs Movie as examples and hope that you benefit from them. These are in Windows Media (WMA) format and should open in your media player. They're provided in medium-quality and/or low-quality (low quality is a faster, smaller download, but a much smaller, less detailed picture). Enjoy...

  • Clinic 1 - Think in "scenes" instead of just shooting everything:  Medium     Small
  • Clinic 2 - Using Subliminal Messages embedded in video:    Medium     Small
  • Clinic 3 - Minimal Scripting (e.g. let the visuals do it all):    Medium     Small
  • Clinic 4 - 2008 Rum River segment with scene counts:   Small Only
  • Clinic 5 - 2008 Rum River segment with subtitle comments:   Medium