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The LAST event for 2014


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Triple Threat

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October 4, 2014

Multi-Species Tournament

Lake Minnetonka


START time:      8:00 AM (Sunrise @ 7:16 AM) Use the ramp of your choice.  Honor start on the water at 8:00 AM.
Food:                    11:30 AM - Lunch hosted by Bertha and the Food Committee at Maynard’s Restaurant (south side of Excelsior Bay)

FINISH time:     3:00 PM at GRAY'S BAY LAUNCH for scoring.
Species:               Musky, Northern Pike & Bass (LM & SM)

Scoring:              Top Three (3) fish of each species will be scored based on the waterdogs multiple species scoring charts.
                                Note: LM & SM are combined into the 3-bag limit. In addition, no bonus points for multiple species.
Bait:                      Live Bait is allowed.
Minimum length limits:

  • Largemouth Bass - 11 inch minimum

  • Smallmouth Bass – 10 inch minimum

  • Musky and Northern Pike - 21 inch minimum

Official Team Pairings (as of Friday, 9/26 at 2:55pm)

Captain     ---    Swabbie(s)

  Duholm           O'Neill
D Squire          Downey
P Johnson       G Johnson
Karsjens          Dupont
Bollig              D Anderson
Pagel               Raymo
Dickey             Haagenson
Sewald             Krekelberg
R Anderson     Hynes
Hennessy         Happel
Messner           Blakeley
Boudreaux       Yawn
Keller               Ferstenou
Haberle            Blasy