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September 13, 2014

Bass Tournament

Big Birch Lake

Hosted by Nasty and Bud


Start time:           7:30 am

Food:                   After Tournament/snacks and cold drinks

Stop time:           2:30 pm

Where:                Start and end at the Big Birch Lake State Park Boat Ramp

Species:               Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Scoring:              Top twelve (12) of any combination of LM and SM fish scored based on the waterdogs length to weight conversion tables in our By Laws.

Bait:                     Live Bait is prohibited. Artificial bait only.

Size Limit:          Largemouth bass - 11 inch minimum, Smallmouth Bass - 10 inch minimum

Team Pairings: as of 9/5 at 3:34 p.m.

Captain -------- Swabbie(s)

Helen                Juan Valdez

Perp                  Big Bird
Clara                 Swinger
Sewald              Griz
BooBoo            Bud
Forester            Hynes
Nasty                Chainsaw
Hillary              Chips
Mamas B          Kojak
Pagel                 Janitor          Uno   (3-man team)
FD                     Meat
O'Neill              Puddin' Man
L'Angel             Banana