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smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass Tournament
Waterdog Team Event #5
Lake Mille Lacs

 When:    Saturday July 12, 2014 

 Lakes:    Lake Mille Lacs     

 Time:      7:30 AM Honor Start to 3:30PM Be in the Grand Casino parking lot SE corner which is on the west side of lake

 Lunch:    Each team plan their own food for the day

 Tournament rules:

All rules apply to tournaments, as noted in the club bylaws, apply to this tournament. Rules specific to this tournament, include:

  • No Live Bait, only artificial bait can be used.

  • Minimum Size: Smallmouth bass 10 inch minimum

  • Limit: 10 bass per team

Team Pairings as of Thurs, 7/3 at 6:54pm

Captain                    Swabbie(s)

Sewald             Bud
Spanky             Chainsaw
Fluff                 Carmen
Forester           Uno
Clara                Griz
FD                    Juan
Hillary              Hynes        Nasty
Shorty              Puddin
Boo Boo          Big Bird     Mamas Boy
Janitor             OF