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Tournament #4: LAKE WACONIA

Tournament Summary: Because of the heavy rains, the event has been moved to Lake Waconia instead of Tetonka.

Tournament Planning Team: Peter Yawn and Steve Clinton

Date: Saturday June 21, 2014

Start/End Times: 7 a.m. to 2 pm. Blast-off and finish to be at the LAUNCH at the EAST SIDE of the lake.

Tournament Location: Lake Waconia (Note: because of the heavy rains, the lake has a NO WAKE RESTRICTION)

Lures/Bait: No live bait.

Scorecards: Each team will score largest 5 bass. Both LM & SM will count for the tournament.

Minimum Sizes: 10 inch minimum for Smallmouth Bass & 11 inch minimum for Largemouth Bass

Food: Food committee will provide snacks/drinks at the landing after tourney. If you want a gourmet meal, you will need to bring it.

Official Team Pairings (as of June 20 at 2:25pm)

Captain:               Swabbie:

Fishdick              Uno

Janitor                Swinger

Spanky                Big Bird

Perp                     Griz

O’Niell                 Suzy

Fluff                     Puddin Man

Clarabelle             Bud             Mama's Boy   (3 man team)

Boo Boo               Farm Boy

Greenstick            Nasty

Felix                     Carmen

Hillary                  Juan