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2008 Annual Banquet
Congratulations to our 2008 honorees:
  Waterdog of the Year:
Brian Karsjens (alias Perp)
  Top Angler of the Year:
Kirk Duholm (alias Shatner)
  2nd Place - Angler of the Year:
Mark Bystrom (alias Analist)
  3rd Place - Angler of the Year:
Bob Dickey (alias Fishdick)
  Captain of the Year:
Ron Boudreaux (alias Shorty)
  Swabbie of the Year:
Steve Haagenson (alias Farm Boy)
  Annual Weenie Award:
Paul Johnson (alias Nasty)
  Photo of the Year:
Steve Haagenson
If you weren't able to attend, then you missed a terrific dinner and a lot of wonderful friendship time. And, you didn't get your copy of the 2008 Waterdog Movie, either! Kojak has all the uncollected DVDs - contact him directly for your copy.  Click HERE to download the 2008 photo contest entries in ZIP format.


2008 Calendar (Thanks to Perp for all the hard work!)

To download a calendar, RIGHT-click on either the globe or the desired link above, choose SAVE TARGET AS and save it to your hard disk. These are in PDF format, so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat viewer to view them ( a free download from www.adobe.com)

  Calendar only (without photos)

  Calendar with photos

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